Interior & Home Design Trends


Interior & Home Design Trends

More people are spending time at home than ever before due to the pandemic. The changing work landscape has resulted in new interior and home design trends as people freshen up their living spaces.

How the pandemic has impacted home design trends

The pandemic has caused a significant shift toward remote work, leaving millions of people at home for long hours every day. With more time spent in their living space, homeowners realize what they don't like about their house and try new ways of freshening up the interior or redesigning. People want more from their homes, especially if they're working and living there permanently. 

What trends are on the rise, what trends are waning

More homeowners seek ways to create a division between their work and home life by creating home office spaces or a more spacious living environment. The desire for an open-space floor plan is waning as people seek private rooms. Another trend sees homeowners getting creative with underutilized spaces by transforming them into studies, offices, gyms, wine cellars, and more. Other popular trends include an increase in naturalism and warmth. 

As people spend more time at home, they want to let the natural light in and reduce stuffiness, meaning a tendency toward sheer window treatments and translucent window dressings––or even getting rid of curtains and shutters altogether. Minimalism appears to be on the way out as maximalism returns and homeowners seek to create inventive spaces with soothing colors that spark visual interest. 

Budget-friendly ways to refresh your space

Changing your living space doesn't have to break the bank. There are numerous ways to refresh your home or a specific room with simple tasks or additions. You might be surprised how much a fresh coat of paint or new furniture arrangement can liven up your home.

  • Add wallpaper, or create an accent/statement wall
  • Change bedding and use throw pillows
  • Rearrange your furniture
  • Swap out light fixtures
  • Get some plants or flowers
  • Make small hardware upgrades
  • Repaint a room in a different color or add wallpaper
  • Add a new rug

How do TV shows influence home design trends?

Today's homebuyers are significantly impacted by the binge-worthy shows on HGTV that empower individuals to remodel their houses at a moment's notice. Many DIY television shows impact buyers by shaping home expectations. People see specific design trends represented on TV and then seek those when searching for properties. 

Unfortunately, this leads some buyers to believe that any home can become a profitable fixer-upper without realizing the time, money, and energy those renovations take. However, on the plus side, this type of programming does help homebuyers and owners realize that just because a house isn't immediately their dream home, they do have the power to change it rather than settling for a design they don't like.

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