Wine Country Vacations


Wine Country Vacations

California Wine Country is a beautiful and idyllic region home to some of the world's best and more prestigious wineries and vineyards. It's a gorgeous place to take a vacation, particularly for wine lovers. Make sure you're getting the most out of your wine country vacation by using the following tips.

Plan ahead

Research and plan out your vacation in advance. Identify which wineries you want to visit the most and make reservations. Most renowned wineries in wine country require reservations in advance and do not accept walk-in appointments. Avoid disappointment by planning ahead. If you plan on dining at local restaurants, make reservations there, too. Try to make your reservations at least a few weeks in advance if possible. 

Don't forget to eat

Take advantage of any wine pairing options, e.g., wine and cheese pairings that a winery may offer. You don't want to leave early because you get lightheaded or start feeling drunk. Create a food buffer so you can taste more wines.

Enjoy each winery to the fullest

Even if you are a diehard oenophile, packing the day with too many tastings isn't a good idea. Two wineries per day is a reasonable expectation. Visiting three wineries might start to diminish the experience. More than three is almost always unrecommended. If you try to attend too many wineries on the same day, the experiences will start to blend, and you might get confused about which wines you loved the most.

Another reason you'll want to set a daily limit is so that you leave yourself enough time to enjoy the overall experience without having to rush to the next appointment. Wineries are lush, enriching experiences with lots to see and do. There's nothing worse than missing out on something because you scheduled tastings too close together.

Talk to the staff

The winery staff is here to make your experience the absolute best it can be. Don't be intimidated by wine tasting if this is all new to you. Tell the winery staff you are new to wine tasting, and they will help you. We all start from the beginning at some point. Don't be shy about asking the winery staff for additional recommendations about where else to visit. 

They know the industry intimately and are happy to recommend smaller or unique wineries that might not be on the larger public's radar. Wineries in the lesser-known areas tend to be smaller and more intimate. Sometimes you even get the opportunity to meet the winemakers themselves and learn about how it's made.

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