Ultimate Guide to Selling Your House

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Santa Rosa, California, is a unique place to live, boasting a bustling urban center and access to some of the most incredible natural landscapes. Residents can participate in many activities, from hiking and biking in the mountains to sampling the numerous culinary delights in the city’s thriving food scene. But what sets Santa Rosa apart is its strong sense of community and commitment to sustainability, which can be seen in everything from its vibrant local farmers’ markets to its innovative renewable energy and resource conservation programs. All of these factors contribute to a lifestyle that is both active and fulfilling, making Santa Rosa an ideal place to call home.

If you are a Santa Rosa homeowner, there may come a time when you consider selling your home. You might want or need to sell for numerous reasons, including relocating for a new job opportunity, downsizing due to an empty nest, upgrading to a larger home for a growing family, or financial reasons. Whatever the reason, it is important to understand the selling process and prepare accordingly to achieve the best outcome.

How do you want to sell your home?

There are several ways to approach the real estate industry and sell a home. Start by researching your selling options and finding one that provides the support you need to meet your goals.

Real estate agent or Realtor

Working with a real estate agent is how most people choose to sell their property, which is highly recommended for a smooth and successful sale. A real estate agent handles a majority of the time-consuming and complex tasks associated with selling, such as finding the right buyers, hosting open houses, creating marketing materials, and negotiating with buyers.

A Realtor is an agent who is also a National Association of Realtors member. Their membership in the organization holds them to a high ethical and professional standard.

For sale by owner

A less conventional method of selling a house is done independently, where a home can be listed for sale by the owner (FSBO). This method requires a lot of time and dedication to the process but is a viable option. When selling as an owner, you have to take on marketing and negotiating tasks, which can be complex for individuals unfamiliar with the industry and market.

Learn about the local market and set an asking price

Understanding current market trends, such as inventory levels and average home prices, can help you price your home competitively and attract potential buyers. Knowing your home’s and neighborhood’s differentiating features can help you market your property effectively. With the help of a knowledgeable real estate agent, you can use this market information to sell your home efficiently and for a higher price. Pricing your home too high can scare away potential buyers and leave your home lingering on the market, and pricing your home too low can lead to a quick sale but a financial loss. With tools like an appraisal or comparative market analysis, you can understand the current value of your home and set a strategic list price.

Get your home ready for buyers

Many sellers may want to list their property in its current condition, but your home may not be ready for the market. Preparations and upgrades do not have to be extensive; even minor tasks and adjustments can make your home look better for buyers and attract excellent offers.

Cleaning and staging

Cleaning is such a simple task but is often overlooked in the process. Dirty homes with dust and grime are a significant turnoff, even if your home has beautiful amenities and desirable features. Cleaning is especially important if your home recently had renovations, as dust and debris can build up on walls and cabinets.

After cleaning your home, you can work with a designer to stage your home with upscale furniture and accessories. Staging creates a sophisticated look for buyers. The goal is to create a living environment buyers find appealing, sparking interest and connections.

Curb appeal

As buyers pull up to your home, the evaluation begins. They are assessing the grass, the landscaping, the driveway, and the front door. Buyers notice the details and remember if the mailbox was leaning over, the garage had scuff marks, and the plants were dying. This impression stays with buyers throughout the home and can impact your selling process. Preparing your front yard and entryway is critical to setting the tone for a successful open house or showing. Consider adding fresh mulch, new plants, painting the front door, and power washing siding to let your home shine.

Market your listing

A listing includes a property description and professional real estate images. The listing is posted to the Multiple Listing Service and gives your home an online presence to gain market traction. It is better to give buyers information about the home and neighborhood to keep them on your listing longer. With a quality listing, you can market your home with social media campaigns, advertising, flyers and signage, and open houses.

Find a local agent to sell your Santa Rosa home

Working with a real estate agent is essential to set yourself up for success. You can avoid common selling mistakes and take advantage of custom services to ensure your home is the highlight of the market. Tim DeBellis is a Santa Rosa real estate agent specializing in luxury homes and services.

Get started with Tim for an excellent experience and home sale results.

5 Things To Consider When Selling Your Home